the spiritual gift of generosity

None of the work we do at our church would be possible without God moving the hearts of our people to give. Your generosity helps create a church where people feel welcomed, led, and loved—a place where life-changing stories are being written every week.  At St. Barnabas United Methodist Church, we endeavor to grow as we live into following Christ in all areas of our lives. Through the practices of worship, learning, serving and giving, we continue to progress and mature on this journey. Giving becomes a spiritual practice as we offer our time, our talents and our financial gifts to God as we trust and invest in the kingdom of God and the ways St. Barnabas’ ministries foster that kingdom in our community and world.

We offer several ways to give:

  • Check or Cash: You can place a check or cash in the offering plate on Sunday, or mail your donation to the church office.
  • Online Giving: This is an easy way for you to prioritize and reinforce your commitment to give your offerings and tithes to God first, before anything else. You may choose to give by credit card or by an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from your bank account. Our online giving option allows you to make recurring or one-time gifts to St. Barnabas. This is a safe, secure and confidential transaction which occurs directly between Fellowship One Giving and St. Barnabas’ bank. 
  • Text to Give: You can also make a one-time, secure donation to St. Barnabas from your smartphone using your credit card or bank account through Text to Give at 817-776-4483 [817-776-GIVE].
  • Financial Legacy: You can make a legacy gift to St. Barnabas through wills, bequests and planned gifts.

If you would like to set up recurring EFT giving or want more information on leaving a legacy gift to St. Barnabas, contact Judy Nelms at (817) 483-1667.

Thank you for giving! Your gift inspires us and inspires others.

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