Good neighboring challenge: june

Download and print the Block Map and practice these neighboring experiements.

  1. Take time to neighbor. Block off 10 or 15 minutes just to speak to your neighbors. Make notes on your “Block Map” maybe birthdays, dogs names, what they do, a good time to neighbor them.
  2. Write a “Thank You” note to one or more of them and mail it. Even if it’s just thank you for being a good neighbor. Thank you for your beautiful yard. Or?
  3. Learn your neighbor's name. It’s okay to be awkward and ask again even twice. Use the excuse that you have a really bad memory. Learn the name of your neighbors.
  4. Share food with your neighbor or neighbors. Bring them something you’ve cooked or prepared (note try not to use food allergens like nuts if you do let them know what's in it.) If they share they have dietary restrictions make a note of it. Also, give them a Tupperware dish and write your name and number on it. Ask them to just call when they are ready for you to pick it up. This is all about relationship building.
  5. Identify your neighbor's hobbies. Example: I have a neighbor who builds Picnic Tables. He does a really good job on them I like to go over and just visit. I always offer tools are anything he may need even if it’s just moving things around. Maybe your neighbor is a gardener and has a beautiful lawn? Maybe it’s a basketball goal? Seek those things you can talk about.
  6. Last borrow something from a neighbor. Maybe a couple of eggs, a bowl of flour, cup of milk. Whatever it is this is difficult for some of us to ask for something. It is another way of sharing resources. Sharing abundance. Always offer to return the favor anytime.

Learn more about the Good Neighbor Experiment below.

good neighbor experiment

What if loving our actual neighbor could change the world? The Good Neighbor Experiment is the brainchild of a group from Wichita, Kansas. It is a year-long journey for people of faith to experience transformation by intentional neighboring in a simple and fun way. This movement is an opportunity for St. Barnabas to connect with the neighbors around our homes, getting to know them and learning how to help discern their needs and their gifts and graces to share with each other. If you would like to be a part of the St. Barnabas team, contact Rev. Tag Green.

These four labs outline the program: