We are committed to helping each other take intentional steps towards following Jesus by loving God wholeheartedly and loving our neighbors as we love ourselves. As we share life together, we’re better able to experience and extend grace. Our journey of growth as we follow Jesus includes worship, learning, serving and living generously. Classes and groups give many of us opportunities to purposefully learn and find opportunities to serve. No matter your stage or season of life, we want you to join us! Take a look at all the options we have for adult ministries to find what best suits you. We can't wait to help you connect with others in our church. In addition to the classes and groups listed below, we also offer short-term studies on Wednesday nights, part of St. Barnabas Midweek. Learn more about Midweek here.

If you have questions or would like help finding out how to connect or where your next step may be, contact


Connecting is key at St. Barnabas. We believe that lives are transformed, that faith is grown, that burdens and hopes are shared and that connection with God, each other and the world happens best when we're connected. So, we are intentionally forming Connect Groups of 8-10 people where we can connect our faith and everyday lives through real relationships.

Connect Groups differ from Sunday School and Bible Study through their focus on developing life-giving relationships with a few others and by focusing on living out and growing our faith one day at a time. More than a chance to get to know other people we don't often cross paths with at St. Barnabas, Connect Groups create a space where we share life together with Christ at the center. You're invited to take another step in your journey of following Christ together with others through Connect Groups.

All new Connect Groups start with the same eight-week study, Life Together. If you are interested in joining a Connect Group, complete and submit the Connect Group Registration Form online.

9:30 A.M.


Leaders: Steve and Anne Farwell | Room E-210

Parents of junior high and high school students share faith and life together in this discussion-centered class.



Leader: Kim Neill | Room E-214/216

Footsteps is very relaxed, open-minded class comprised of different ages that includes both singles and married couples. They are a discussion-based group with leader rotations. This means that they have certain class members who are comfortable volunteering to lead. Their lessons usually include a video series like Adam Hamilton, Chip Ingram and Stephen and Alex Kendrick. They enjoy studying different religions from around the world, as well as current events in relation to how they can grow as servants of God in today’s society. The class is a prayerful group. Everyone is welcome to post prayer requests on their prayer board. These requests are prayed over each Sunday and in their hearts throughout the week.



Leader: Jon Turner | Barnabas Hall Main Room

Made up of mostly couples in their late 20s to mid-40s with young children, the Journey class welcomes anyone interested in attending. They share a common journey through life with faith, family and friends to learn about and become more like Christ. They typically alternate between Bible-focused studies and life-lesson-type studies with some being led by a single person and others using different class volunteers each week. They enjoy getting together regularly outside of church and love a good, lively discussion.


Path Finders

Leaders: Buster Rosser | Room E-215

If you are looking for a place to connect, this is a discussion-based study on how we may be called to serve the church and the world. A great group for new members.



Leaders: Ken Humphreys, Jodie Windbigler, and Tom Duran | Room F-110/111

This is a group of multi-generational men and women, singles and couples meeting to hear, discover and study God’s Word. The format is class participation with readings, debate and lively discussion of study materials. They utilize the Bible, books and multimedia. They invite all to drop in, stay awhile and join the discussion.



Leader: Danny Harris | Room F-211/212

This is a multi-generational class of both married couples and singles. It is a lecture and discussion-style class whose mission is to explore the Scriptures and experience the joy, peace and love of Christ.



Leader: Jane Childers | Room F-213

This class welcomes adults of all ages who are eager to  understand their faith more fully. The Wesleyan Quadrilateral reflections on Scripture, tradition, experience and reason provide a reading lens for their book and DVD studies. With open hearts and open minds, the Wesleyan Class invites all to join them.


Women’s Bible Study

Leader: JoLynn Mills | Room E-211/213

The Women’s Bible Study provides a supportive community for its members by focusing on study, prayer and fellowship. Bible-based study topics lead to wide-ranging discussion in a comfortable atmosphere. Members support the missions of the church and enjoy monthly social events. The class is open to women of all ages, married or single.



Prayer Shawl Knitting Group

9:30am | E-210

The Prayer Shawl Ministry is the love of knitting/crocheting have been combined into a prayerful ministry and spiritual practice that reaches out to those in need of comfort and solace, as well as in celebration and joy. Many blessings are prayed into every stitch. If you are interested in joining, contact Terri French at 817-793-3331 or



Men’s Prayer Breakfast

6:55am | F-110

This early morning group meets weekly for study, prayer, good fellowship and a light breakfast. You do not need to be a member of St. Barnabas to attend. This group in meeting in person and on Zoom. For more information, Contact Ken Humphreys at 682-438-5925 or


Ladies Tuesday Book Study 

10-11:30am | Room E-211/213

Whether it is a serious study or a fun activity, this group of diverse women enjoys meeting weekly. The group participates in Lenten and Advent studies, as well as often focusing on books of the Bible, themes found in the Bible and even different book studies. Meetings are almost always followed by lunch out. For more information, contact Linda Wilson at 817-800-9419 or


Men’s Coffee Break

9-10am | F-110

Join a group of retired, old fogies for coffee, exercise (bending the elbow, drinking coffee), friendship and spirited discussions solving local, national and world problems. For more information, contact James Boyett at 817-229-4120 or


Wonder Women Fellowship

3-5pm | Barnabas Hall

An informal gathering for members and friends of the Wonder Women Sunday school class. For more information, contact Pennie Boyett at 817-229-3005 or

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